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Executive President & Board Secretary of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.

Vice Party Secretary of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.

Vice Director of TusPark Management Committee

Chairman of  Zhongguancun Digital City Alliance

Dean of Tus Digital School

Mr. ZHAO Dong born in January 1969 is a member of Communist Party of China and a Manchu. He has obtained an EMBA degree from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management and a master degree in Management Science and Engineering Master. He has more than 25 years of work experience in the high-tech industry investment management and 18 years of experience in the corporate strategy and management, is familiar with the investment bank, venture capital investment, mobile communication, science and technology, real estate and other industries, and has the occupational qualifications for property right brokers and information engineering supervisors.

He worked for Beijing Centergate Technologies (Holding) Co., Ltd. and successively took charge of Industry Development Department, Strategic Development Department, Public Relations Planning Department and Investment Management Department. 

At present, he acts as the Executive President & Board Secretary of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. and the vice Party Secretary of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. and the vice director of TusPark Management Committee and chairman of  Zhongguancun Digital City Alliance and Dean of Tus Digital School.

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