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  • TusHoldings' Mission
  • Constructing a stage for innovation and entrepreneurship;
    Paving the road for opportunities and success;
    Bridging technology with economy;
    As a functional platform for Tsinghua University with respect to education, scientific research and social service; 
    TusHoldings Co., Ltd assumes the dual mission of creating both economic and social benefit.

  • Interpretation of TusHoldings' Brand Logo
  • TusHoldings' brand logo is composed of three petals of bauhinia - the school flower of Tsinghua University.
    It reflects TusHoldings' sacred responsibility, mission and pride of becoming the industry flower of Tsinghua University.
    The implication of the three petals is: Tao produces one; one produces two; two produces three; three produces everything. This indicates TusHoldings' endless prosperity, flourishing development and diversified business model in the future.
    The triangle presented by the logo and the Chinese character "人 (human)" in the middle are steady in structure, decent and generous, signifying TusHoldings' characteristics of people orientation, health, positivity and confidence.
    The three petals constituting the logo are like water droplets in shape and placed in an extensive way, meaning Tus-Holdings' industrial integration and extension as well as its peace like water.
    Two purple petals supports one golden petal, implying that TusHoldings, in advantage of the two core competencies - "innovation" and "service", will become a world-renowned consortium in the east.

  • Corporate Vision
  • To become a Chinese leader and global model in the scientific and technological service industry;

  • Strategic Positioning
  • Devoted to building an integrated platform for innovation and entrepreneurship;
    Whole-chain S&T service provider carried by science parks, supported by S&T industry and bound by S&T finance.

  • Core Business System
  • Global Innovation Network、Vertical Incubation System、Hi-tech Industry Cluster;

  • Organizational Culture
  • Vision, strategy and synergy; 

    Effective supervision, transparent incentives and full authorization;

    Gratitude, earnestness and foresight. 

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