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From 2000 to 2009

In 2000, Song Jian (vice-chairman of CPPCC National Committee) and Xu Guanhua (deputy minister of science and technology) et al paid a visit to Tus-Incubator, the predecessor of TusStar.

In 2000, Liu Qi, Mayor of Beijing Government visited Tus-incubator, the predecessor of TusStar.

In 2002, Li Lanqing (vice premier) and Jia Qinglin (secretary of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee) et al visited TusPark.

In 2006, Wang Qishan (mayor of Beijing) visited TusPark.

In 2006, Zhou Ji (minister of education) visited the TusPark Innovation Achievements Exhibition.

In 2008, Guo Jinlong (mayor of Beijing) and Zhao Fengtong (member of the standing committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee) visited TusPark.

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